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Autumn is a wonderful time to visit Europe and its many splendours.

Here are top 5 places to fall in love in Europe this fall season.



Venice is beautiful all year round, however, the autumn season is perhaps one of the most perfect times to visit. The weather is not as hot as the summer months, there are fewer crowds, a line-up of several exciting festivals and events, and the occasional rain shower gives you the ideal opportunity to experience the true essence of Venice.

Venice featuring a garden and autumn colours

Summer may be stunningly warm and sunny but it can also get a little too hot at times, specially when you’re walking through the busier parts of the city. September, on the other hand, is still quite nice and warm, although average highs are at a comfortable 24°C. Still al fresco dining weather, but isn’t so hot that you’d want to constantly seek out the nearby street shades. October becomes a lot cooler, with a little more rain but still plenty of crisp, dark-blue days, ideal for sunrises and sunsets. In November, you’ll probably want to bring proper winter gear and boots, preferably waterproof, in case the occasional flooding occurs, but this time of the year you tend to get some incredible atmospheric mists over the lagoon, which is a fantastic opportunity for photography.

Tourist numbers decline the further into autumn you go, so if you prefer lesser crowds, late October and November are perfect – the summer masses have long been gone, and the Christmas crowds have yet to arrive. September and early October will still be busy, but you’ll be pleased to know that it’s a little less crowded than the peak summer months.

Blue gondolas in the night in Venice

Venice’s events calendar has some great highlights for the autumn season. First up is the Historical Regatta, usually on the first Sunday of September, which involves an elaborate parade of historical boats and races along the Grand Canal. Then there’s the Sagra del Pesce, a fishing festival on Burano island held every third Sunday of September; Sagra del Mosto, a celebration of the year’s first wine on the lagoon island of Sant’Erasmo held on the first Sunday of October; and the Festa della Madonna della Salute on the 21st of November, when a procession is led across a temporary bridge from San Marco to the Salute. There are usually also quite a number of events and exhibitions going on for the famous Venice Biennale.



Great autumn weather, fewer crowds and fantastic fall festivals make it a great time to visit Budapest. It’s September and the days are already starting to get a little shorter, evenings are much cooler and leaves are starting to change colour. Most of the summer crowds have dwindled so you can actually enjoy some quality time as you take in the sights of the city.

Buda Castle Hill in Budapest

With periods of extended Indian summer, autumn is a great time to visit Budapest, as temperatures can stay above 70°F (20°C) during the day until the end of October. Climb the hills of Budapest and enjoy the view of the river. Visit the Parliament as you enjoy the golden hues of the trees in the surrounding landscapes that make you feel the romantic vibe of the city. Enjoy the best activities in Budapest such as sightseeing cruises or experience the best of Budapest with the Budapest card where dozens of activities await you in the capital of Hungary.

The Central Market Hall, the Budapest Opera House and the Castle Hill – everything is quieter in autumn in Budapest. Budapest is a walking city and the fall weather makes it ideal to walk around by foot with many cozy cafes and restaurants offering their retreat if you need to cool down. With over 100 museums, the city offers many indoor attractions and activities. Autumn is also the perfect time to visit one of the many parks in Budapest or plan a day trip to Szentendre or the Danube Bend and take in the majestic scenery of fall foliage with the changing colours of autumn leafs.

Tokaj wine region

Hungary is also famous for its wine and one of the best ways to experience its wine-making traditions is to take a harvest trip to Tokaj, Eger, Villány or one of its many wine regions. Several wineries offer both wine tasting and accommodation. If you need more reasons to visit Budapest in the autumn, keep in mind that hotels and flights are also cheaper and you can use your savings to enjoy great meals from some of the finest restaurants in the city. Many restaurants offer goose and foie gras on their menu, especially in November.



Autumn and Barcelona naturally go together, from September to November when the high season has come to an end. During fall, Barcelona starts to flourish again after a busy summer and the August holidays. The weather is warm but not as hot as the peak summer months. The temperature in autumn is around 15ºC to 21ºC, perfect to enjoy the tourist attractions or you can still go to the beach where the water temperature is still good. Make sure to make the most out of your stay as there are so many attractions all-year-round.

Barcelona does not die down after Summer



One of the most underrated fall destinations, Porto is a sublime city to be discovered at all seasons of the year. Just a ray of sunshine to illuminate the colourful houses of Ribeira, to warm the casks of Porto wines that hybernate deep in the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia. The second city of Portugal has nothing to envy and many travellers have fallen in love with the charms of Porto. Autumn is a perfect time to discover the Douro valley and its vineyards classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Vineyards at Douro valley



Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a very popular destination. It is ideal to celebrate Christmas time, the New Year or in summer with its many festivals.

Edinburgh is especially beautiful in autumn when the horizon and nature are both in harmony, offering you autumn landscapes that seem straight out of a Hollywood movie. In addition to having this magnificent city for yourself, you will also enjoy accommodations at the best (cheaper) prices and even fewer people to let you enjoy the best activities in Edinburgh such as visiting the Edinburgh Castle or a Loch Ness tour for the more adventurous ones.

Edinburgh Castle in Autumn from Princess Street Gardens

Visit any park in Edinburgh and notice the leaves turn from a multitude of bright greens to undergoing an inevitable transformation into the most resplendent assortment of golden autumn colours. Expect rusty oranges, ruby reds, dull browns, and alluring yellows. The Royal Botanic Garden, Princes Street Gardens, and The Meadows are great places to experience autumn. It’s true. The skies may be dull and the days gloomy, and yet this vibe actually adds to the authenticity of Edinburgh.

Clamber up the majestic Arthur’s Seat or Calton Hill and marvel at the panoramic views of the city as it undergoes the seasonal transition known for its kaleidoscope of colours. The Castle acts as Edinburgh’s ever present eyes watching the dots below transition from one activity to the next. Whether on an official tour or simply observing from afar, make sure to visit the Castle during autumn. Every time you’ll see something new and unique inside its whispering walls.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Also, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a whole other world and artistic playground. From famous acts to newbies on the verge of their career, visitors are spoiled for choice. However, every pleasure has its price — the crowds that go hand in hand with the fringe are, at times, more on the wild side. But a visit during autumn can still be rewarding since you’re free from hoards of people wanting to get a taste of the Edinburgh autumn flavour.

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