Rather than crowded clubs, overpriced venues and loud music, we welcome the first light of 2020 with majestic travels and exotic explorations. Here are the TOP 9 unique ways to spend new year 2020:


Along the Exotic Trails of Bali

New Year in Bali is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times for the island. The atmosphere is absolutely buzzing with activities and parties, with popular beach clubs, restaurants and bars all holding their version of New Year special. Regardless of what your year-end plans are, you can’t go wrong with Bali. Staying in Seminyak or Canggu area, at least during the new year’s eve itself, will reward you with more options than anywhere in the island. Depending on the type of activity that you have in mind, there are tons of places to choose from. And since everyone will be partying their way to 2020, why not go against the flow and go nature tripping amongst the alluring nature trails that riddle the island of the gods.


These almost surreal creations of nature adorn the Balinese landscape, like trails of an ancient time when gods roamed the earth. A beauty that’s worth getting away from the chaotic hustle of the new year crowd that flock the famous venues during this time. However, some of its most spectacular geological wonders will take a little more effort to uncover. To experience the finest and untouched splendour of Bali, hook up with an experienced local guide, or arrange your own transport. Venture off the worn tourist trail and uncover some of the extraordinary sights, like plunging in a hidden endless stream of beauty at the Bhuana Sari Waterfall, by far one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the island that’s unknown to many. Or take a challenging hike up the greater heights of Mende Hill and enjoy a breathtaking view from the top of its peak.Or simply go “old school” and enjoy a quiet and peaceful walk along the many beaches of Bali.


On the Water Bungalows of Maldives

While many will be jetting off to party locations for both Christmas and new year holidays, Maldives offers the discerning traveller a more luxurious way of welcoming 2020. Instead of raving at various party scenes, why not spend the holidays rejuvenating both your body and mind in the serene atmosphere of Maldives with its water bungalows that are guaranteed to energise your spirit. Various Maldives new year packages are available online, from water villas with private pools to water bungalows with unique layouts, the options are almost endless from the many collections of the best hotels in Maldives.


On a tour of the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City in Beijing is a perfect spot to visit in the early morning hours of the New Year. The Forbidden City limits ticket sales to 80,000 per day. That sounds like a lot, but it’s not unusual during holidays and special exhibitions for tickets to sell out by early afternoon. For example, on a relatively busy Tuesday, the Forbidden City can sell out 44,000 tickets before 10.30am. Advanced Tip: There is an online reservation system which allows you to reserve up to 10 tickets for your group but you’ll need to be able to read Chinese – or know someone who does – and have a domestic form of payment.


Ride a Bike in Thailand

Start the new year on the right foot (or, pedal) with a bike vacation to explore the natural wonders of Thailand. There are plenty of Bike Division Tour Operators offering an eight-day New Year’s Eve Thailand Cycle Tour that takes guests 300 miles across dusty country roads, rolling hills and national parks. Go where wild elephants roam free and make time for coconut-lined tropical beaches.


Go Stargazing at a National Park

Stargazing has always been a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy wherever there’s a clear night sky. But if you want to take your stargazing to a whole new level, head over to Arizona and welcome the arrival of 2020 as you marvel amongst the stars. Arizona cities Flagstaff and Sedona, in particular, have some of the best and most stellar nighttime sights. According to Airbnb, these two cities top its list of 10 places to stargaze, based on the percentage of host profiles who promote stargazing as a selling point.


At the place to reach New Year First

Sydney, Australia receives the majority of media attention for celebrating the new year. However, Tonga is the very first country in the world to ring in the new year, a full three hours ahead of Sydney. Made up of more than 170 South Pacific islands, the main island and home to the Royal Palace is Tongatapu, a coral island with plenty of sandy beaches. Go for snorkelling, island hopping and sea kayaking in the protected lagoon. Hotels, like the Tanoa International Dateline Hotel, can be booked for under $100 per night.


Onboard a Cruise Ship

Forget all your meals, activities, and of course, your champagne toast, and leave it up to a cruise liner as you sail the high seas to ring in the new year. Why not book an expedition cruise with Hurtigruten to enjoy wintry celebrations and fireworks all up and down the magical coast of Norway on New Year’s Eve. You’ll also enjoy colourful displays of the northern lights throughout your voyage. Or, go south to the Caribbean with an eight-day sail from Miami to Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico and Bahamas on board the brand new MSC Seaside.


On a Ski Resort

There’s nothing like starting a day with snow on a mountain that’s just begging to be conquered, especially when that day is the very first of the new year. Even better if you can be out on the slopes at the stroke of midnight. Whitetail Resort in Pennsylvania will have fireworks and a ball drop at midnight, as well as skiing and snowboarding until 1 a.m. on New Year’s Eve. In Oregon, Mt. Hood Skibowl will be open until well after midnight for skiing, tubing and snowboarding.


At a Theme Park

A lot of theme parks host spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations. At Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, get your party hats at the park and enjoy the “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks spectacular starting at 11:50 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. Or, head to any Six Flags theme park for thrill rides, twinkling holiday lights and fireworks displays (though many will start as early as 8:30 p.m.). For families of young children, try LEGOLAND California where the countdown to “midnight” starts just before 6 p.m. with party hats and special glasses.

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