London Will Have A Teacup Pig Cafe In May

Headed to London in May? You may be in for a treat. For five days (21-25 May), the city’s eastern suburb will let guests play with adorable teacup pigs in a cute café.

Cleverly named “Pignic“–we see what you did there–this café will be located at 2-10 Hertford Road. This event is organised jointly by Yelp and animal charities, and would educate would-be teacup pig owners on what they are getting into when adopting one.

According to Alex Shebar, who works at Yelp, he  came up with this idea after he heard that people were adopting these pigs as many celebrities had one. However, many owners end up abandoning their pigs once they grow–as adults, these pigs may grow up to the size of a large dog.

“I read about this trend of abandoning micro pigs, it really upset me. So I thought we could do something that combined this love of animal cafés with educating people about the needs of the pigs.”

A ticket costs £30 (US$45) per person, and it looks like everyone is lining up to play with these pint-sized piggies.

[via CNN]

 Featured image by Lwp Kommunikáció

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