A Louis Vuitton Trunk That Belonged To Ernest Hemingway Has Been Found In Paris

Most of us have heard of the famous writer Ernest Hemingway — but did you know that he commissioned Louis Vuitton to make a trunk for him?

Made in the 19th century, during a period of time when the brand started creating trunks for all kinds of items people would take on the road, Hemingway’s luggage took on the shape of a library. Gaston-Louis Vuitton made it in such a way that the trunk contained secret drawers amidst its shelves, and was portable enough for the writer.

Recently found in The Ritz, Paris, the trunk is a veritable trove of the author’s works, including a long lost draft of A Moveable Feast. One may find The Trunk in a Louis Vuitton store near Paris’ Café de Flore, where one-of-a-kind pens, inks, and crystal inkstands can be found with the brand’s writing collection.

[via Pursuitist]

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