MB&F’s MusicMachine 3 Looks Like A TIE-Fighter From Star Wars

MB&F has come up with some cool offerings for its 10th anniversary. This collaboration with Reuge and JMC Lutherie caught our eye — a music box that looks like a TIE-Fighter from Star Wars.

Inspired by the popular franchise, this music box plays the Star Wars theme — naturally — as well as songs from The Godfather, James Bond, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Mission Impossible, and The Persuaders.

Although it looks futuristic, the music box has all the traditional elements of a mechanical music box. The lateral wings transmit the vibrations from its twin movements. The base is also resonant and adds texture to the sound. The box’s sound quality strives to be louder and richer than any conventional music box.

There are only 99 limited edition pieces of the MusicMachine 3 — 33 come in black, 33 in white, and the last third come in “chrome”.

Images used with permission

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