This 1920s-Inspired Train Journey Will Take You From London To Paris

The renowned Venice Simplon-Orient-Express will embark on a train from London to Paris through Berlin on 2 June next year.

The train’s furnishings are a throwback to the 1920s, and will give travellers a taste of what it was like during the first few years of rail travel.

The cabin interiors are inspired by the Art Deco movement, and one may sip on champagne and cocktails while marvelling at the perfect scenery. Lunch comes in the form of a three-course meal, while dinner is a four-course gastronomic feast. All meals are taken in dining cabins. Guests rest in sleeper cabins, which are taken care of by a personal steward.

A return journey from Berlin to Paris or London costs about US$3,474 per person. This includes a double cabin, and covers all meals on board.

[via Belmond]


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