This 50ft Spitfire Aeroboat Will Function Like A Fighter Plane On Water

The 50ft Spitfire Aeroboat is named after a WWII fighter plane that was used against the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain. Its designer, Claydon Reeves, has sketched it to function like the legendary plane — it has a Rolls Royce Merlin V 12 engine, the same one that was used by Spitfire pilots.

The boat reaches a top sped of 50kts, and went through lots of aerodynamic studies to look this sleek. It also has a carbon fibre exterior with a lightwood veneer. There is an ensuite forward cabin with decks located below berth for one to sleep. Apart from sleeping space, the interior is furnished with forward seats with shock mounts, while the helm controls combine both modern and traditional instruments.

The throttle was inspired by a joystick, and has an elegant wooden dashboard. The dashboard is equipped with a touchscreen navigation and some analogue gauges. One may also wish to customise this boat to one’s liking.

The price ranges up to US$5.3 million, and only 14 models will be available.

[via Luxatic]

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