Acrobat Couple Marries in 38 Locations in 83 Days

If you cannot decide how you would like to be married, here’s some inspiration–couple Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard decided to have a unique wedding by marrying each other multiple times around the world.

The couple planned for eight months before purchasing flight tickets to 12 countries for less than US$3,000 per person. They also got ordained online, and can marry anywhere in short ceremonies that take up a few minutes.

They packed light, carrying their camera, a wedding dress and a tux that cost US$100 each, and since then, they have been married in Egypt, Thailand, India, Nairobi, and many other countries.

As the couple are trained acrobats, they also come up with amazing poses in these photographs.

When the couple returns home to California, they will marry in one last ceremony alongside their families and friends.

What a wonderful way to get hitched!

[via My Modern Met]

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