Learn To Box With A Professional Kickboxer In Phuket

Try the classic national sport of Thailand at Sri panwa. Muay Thai, well-renowned for its physically and mentally challenging nature, involves elbows, fists, knees and shins in shelling out jabs, uppercuts and kicks, making it not only an effective self-defense (and of course, attack) technique, but also a true full-body workout. Train with Sri Panwa’s resident professional boxing instructor, Khun Toon, and get fighting fit with the private boxing lessons.


Pair this with an indulgent stay at the luxury pool villa resort situated on the southeastern tip of Phuket. These private boxing lessons are just one part of sanook, a concept meaning the essence of fun. Other more relaxing activities would include a full body massage, a dip in the villa’s pool, admiring the gorgeous ocean views and dining at Baba IKI, the resort’s newest Japanese restaurant.

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