Rent The Kardashians’ Hilton Bentley Penthouse For Up To US$7,500

If you watch the reality TV series Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, you’ll recognise this house. Since filming has ended, the Hilton Bentley Penthouse has been renovated.

The 3,500sqm, two-storey house has two master bedrooms, three bathrooms, a Jacuzzi, a rooftop pool. and private terraces. There’s also a wine chiller and a stainless steel kitchen. Guests may even control every aspect of the room — lights, music, the works — using an app.

What makes the house lovely is the ocean view — it is also close to the South of Fifth neighborhood.

The house was also used for weddings as many brides use the suite as their dressing room. There is lots of space and a private pool, to boot.

Word is that other celebrities have stayed here, but the management is keeping mum about it. It costs from US$2,500 to US$7,500 per night to rent it.

[via Just Luxe]

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