The Diamond MasterGraff Structural Tourbillon Skeleton Has Lots Of Bling

Graff is synonymous with diamonds, and now, they have unveiled their Diamond MasterGraff Structural Tourbillon Skeleton, which is part of the brand’s new collections for men.

The watch has special hexagon-shaped diamond with two pieces of trillion diamonds on each side. The framework is made of 18kt rose gold. The watch features Graff’s signature stone-setting technique in its “Invisible Structural Setting”. A 46mm case was specially made for 423 specially-cut diamonds, which are 20.52cts each. There are also 13 emeralds in the brand’s Invisible Mosaic diamond setting.

The Skeletonised tourbillon function is the highlight of this timepiece, and it is contained in a sapphire caseback, which showcases the tourbillon-driven hand-would, called the Graff Calibre 6. It has 60h of power in its reserves.

The timepiece comes in rose gold and white gold, with the former complemented with a brown alligator strap, while the latter is paired with a black one.

[via Luxatic]

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