A Sneak Peek At The World’s ‘Most Complicated Watch’ By Vacheron Constantin


The makers from Vacheron Constantin have kept us in suspense — they claim to have made the “the most ingenious and sophisticated mechanical watch ever made”.

The timepiece will debut on 17 September in Geneva to celebrate its 260th anniversary.

Although there are no previews about the timepiece, the makers have released some specifications. The watch has two dials, and these were created by three of Vacheron Constantin’s watchmakers who spent the last 8 years crafting it. These complications were designed from scratch and are unlike any other.

The watch has a dual calendar, and will present both the Gregorian calendar, which places emphasis on months and days. Alongside it is the ISO (International Organization of Standards) 8601 business calendar, which shows the week of the year. The latter is useful for those in the international financial sector, as it prevents confusion caused by different ways of writing the date and time around the world.

There is also a seasonal calendar and astronomic scale at the edge of one of its two main dishes.

Although we do not know the number of complications this watch has, it is likely to exceed that of the Tour de l’Ile wristwatch, which is the maker’s current star product.

The watch is set to be “one of the greatest man-made objects in the world”, but only time will tell if it lives up to the hype.

v2[via Watch Time]

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