This Superyacht Can Be Customised For Any Owner

Zuccon SuperYacht Design, together with Italian superyacht builder CRN, presents a new concept yacht that can be customised according to its owner’s needs.

The 164-foot Teseo expedition concept can be personalised for different cruises, and, its final design is largely determined by the place where the owner uses it. Bernardo Zuccon, the lead designer, realised that different yachts functioned differently in the regions they were located in. However, this ambitious project aspires to be different — by making it as customisable as possible.

“[M]ost owners of expedition yachts want a full battery of water toys. Because we moved the superstructure much farther forward than most yachts, we have enough volume to house a 26-foot and 16-foot tenders and a water scooter,” he said.

To cater to a variety of needs, Zuccon used a  jigsaw-puzzle design approach, creating three different layouts that focus on what three different types of owners would want. They are as follows:

1. The first layout consists of an expansive interior/exterior beach club, and comes with a fold-down swim plaform that connects to the sea. The swim platform and its two panels that fold out from the sides of the hull are connected to the club, where many can use to sunbathe, play in the water, or hang out.

The lower deck can house 7 crew members, while the upper deck has an area to sunbathe, along with a saloon connected to the rear terrace. There is a storage area on the main deck.

2. In this configuration, the beach club is converted into a storage and dining area. Owners may also add freezers for fishing expeditions, or if they are staying on board longer. The main deck’s indoor area overlooks the sea, and can be combined with the cockpit. The main deck also has two state rooms, and guests can stay in the lower deck.

3. In the last layout, the diving and storage area are on the lower deck, with two guest cabins and a gallery. The main deck will have two guest cabins and a dining room, while the indoor space is converted to a terrace that overlooks the sea. The upper deck provides seafarers with an alfresco dining area, and the bow has a master stateroom and a rear-facing outdoor terrace.

All layouts come with space for crew cabins on the lower deck, away from guests, while the captain’s quarters are next to the pilothouse.

[via Robb Report]

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