Aston Martin’s First Power Boat Looks Sleek & Stylish


Quintessence Yachts and Aston Martin have unveiled the 37-foot AM37, a new boat that looks sleek and powerful.

Getting the 411 on this beauty is so exclusive that correspondence between the makers and clients is strictly confidential.

Images of the model that were released to the public come in digital renderings, although it is rumoured that the boat will be unveiled officially later this year.

This is an ambitious project — the makers want to produce a luxury boat that mimics a sportscar on water, translating Aston Martin’s motto of “beauty, power and soul”.

So far, the specifications include interactive voice control, a 15in HD touchscreen navigation and multimedia system, and a high-tech composite structure. There is also a sliding deck that lets owners cover the cockpit of the boat, ensuring protection from the elements and privacy.

The deck that can also be raised or lowered to allow access to the water or the engine rooms, bimini top, and compartments. This can be done uses the deck’s carbon panels, via electronic command of the boat’s key.

We can’t wait to find out if this vehicle is everything a boat owner has ever dreamed of.

[via Business InsiderQuintessence Yachts and Aston Martin]

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