Guilt-free and Indulgent Sleep at W Hotels


Have a restful night’s sleep at W Hotels with their newest bedding collection that’s designed to be as comfortable as its current sheets, while reducing its environmental impact. The collaboration is between, global music artist and entrepreneur and The Coca-Cola Company and W Hotels Worldwide. It will involve the use of rPET, a mix of polyester and recycled plastic to create new EKOCYCLE™ branded sheets, repurposing more than 268,000 plastic bottles for all W Hotel beds in North America alone. These sheets will be made using the same process as the current bedding, ensuring that the quality remains the same.

Power your devices with the Mobile Charger and Accessory Valet available soon in all W Hotel rooms across the world. It is a multi-tasking USB charging device, jewellery or watch stand and alarm clock, and is available in six colours. This too, is eco-friendly, partially constructed out of three recycled plastic bottles and developed by Miniwiz. Bring these luxuries home. The sheets (starting at US$207) and MCAV (US$75) are available for purchase online at

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