Don’t Be Fooled — This Seemingly Boring Luggage Is The World’s First Smart Cabin Bag

Although seemingly nondescript, this is the world’s first smart luggage. It solves many of the luggage-related problems we face when travelling.

Called Bluesmart, this luggage fits into your compartment and does the following:

  • It powers of your phones and portable devices several times before it needs to be charged again;
  • The luggage weighs itself with a built-in scale;
  • Lost your luggage? Geo-target your cabin bag using GPS, or an app from its website.
  • The app also tracks data from your trips, like the number of airports visited and amount of miles accumulated;
  • It comes with a personalised lock that only you can control.

If this looks familiar, that’s because the Bluesmart luggage was successfully funded on Indiegogo last year. The makers are now taking pre-orders at US$399.

[via Very First To, Indiegogo]

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