TWG Celebrates SG50 With a S$5,200 Lion Teapot & Limited Edition Heritage Tea Sets

Renowned luxury brand TWG has come up with a lovely limited-edition Heritage Tea set with one-of-a-kind lion teapots. They cost S$60 and S$5,200 respectively.

The tea set consists of the Legacy Tea and the Jubilee Tea packed in 50g tins. The former is made up of a rich Chinese oolong accentuated with wild lychee notes, while the latter is a caffeine-free reinterpretation of teh tarik, and has red tea, vanilla beans, and spicy and sweet ginger that result in an intriguing variety of flavours. These are packaged in red, an auspicious colour.

The lion teapot is up for sale as well, and is hand-crafted in gold and silver. There is only one piece available in each metal at TWG Tea Gardens, which is located at The Shoppes in Marina Bay Sands.

Lastly, TWG Tea’s SG50 menu includes a reinterpretation the island’s quintessential local flavours — chicken rice. This consists of French Challans chicken thigh, which is slow cooked in pandan leaves and ginger. The dish is embellished with crispy chicken skin, coridander leaves, cucumbers, and a citrus chilli sauce.

For dessert, there is a lemon and white chocolate entremet, layered with strawberry marmalade. This is infused with Happy Birthday tea.

To taste the set menu (S$50), head down to all TWG Salons and Boutiques except Republic Plaza from 7 to 10 August 2015.


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