The Tullibardine 1952 Whisky Costs At Least US$31,000

This 60 year old whisky, the Tullibardine 1952, is now for sale. Brewed by its eponymous distillery from Scotland’s Highlands, this whiskey is almost as old as the brewery itself.

It has “matur[ed] its way through the reign of King George VI, seen through 12 British Prime Ministers, 12 US Presidents, the moon landings, Concorde and a new Millennium.” The whisky is part of the distillery’s new Premium Custodian Whisky Collection, with bottles that have aged for at least 40 years.

There are only 70 bottles available and each costs about US$31,250. 25 bottles have already been reserved. It comes in a special gold and crystal decanter, which was made by French crystal maker Baccarat. The makers were inspired by the whisky brand’s “Tullibardine Drop”, giving the packaging a new twist.

Buyers will also get an exclusive membership card, which was made by renowned designer Black Astrum.

[via The Whiskey Wash]


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